Rental Income from Flats on Main Tonk Road Jaipur

Rental Income from Flats on Main Tonk Road Jaipur

Jaipur has always remained one of the famous tourist destinations and thousands of tourists visit the city every year to appreciate the beauty and the architecture of the historical monuments. The city holds a unique presence in international scenarios due to tourist visits from outside. All this has resulted in quality infrastructure development. When it comes to the real estate market of Rajasthan, Jaipur is ranked among some of the top cities idle for property investment. Being the capital of Rajasthan, a number of people from other parts of Rajasthan and the country visit the city in search of jobs, for acquiring education, etc. But accommodation is a key concern for such individuals who migrate from other cities and states to Jaipur. Investing in the Golden Leaf project by Triveni Group is the best way to earn rental income from flats on Main Tonk Road Jaipur.  

From the real estate point of view, Main Tonk Road is one of the important locations where many real estate projects are upcoming by different builders. In this series, Triveni Group has also come up with its project Golden Leaf located near the Gandhi Nagar Railway Station, Gutta Puliya on Main Tonk Road. Being strategically located, these flats have proximity to educational institutions, industrial areas, major hospitals, shopping malls, and other prominent locations. For retired people, generating rental income from flats in Jaipur is an opportunity as it is a passive source of income and simultaneously they can extend help to someone who is eagerly looking for quality accommodation options in nearby areas. As the Tonk Road has direct connectivity to Jaipur International Airport, the property prices are higher as compared to other areas. Those, who want to earn rental income in the short run and smart returns, in the long run, can invest in such properties. 

Invest today and generate rental Income from flats in Jaipur 

Residential properties located near the industrial and commercial areas are always in demand as individuals from outside areas look for accommodation options in such areas. Thus, investing in such a location is always profitable as flats can be rented to such families who are looking for accommodation facilities with all modern amenities. Sitapura Industrial Area located on Main Tonk Road has establishments such as EPIP which offer better job prospects to professionals employed in the garment manufacturing and jewellery making industries. Rental income from flats on Main Tonk Road Jaipur can be generated if you invest in residential projects such as Golden Leaf by Triveni Group. As Jaipur is a Tier-2 city, people from nearby villages and Tier-1 cities constantly come in search of job opportunities. Not only industrial areas, but Tonk road is also connected to other prime areas such as Mansarover, Jagatpura, and Ajmer Road. 

Not only from a rental income point of view, for those who wish to own a house for self-use, Jaipur’s real estate market is considered best for investment. There are several reasons for this. Be it any sector like retail, education, or business, the property market offers everything that is required to generate a good return on investment. Moreover, Jaipur has also been chosen under the smart city project including few other cities from Rajasthan. Not only for working professionals, the 1 bhk flat or studio apartments can be rented to students also who are pursuing higher education from Jaipur. Although hostel facilities are available on college premises, flats ensure privacy and freedom to live your life in your way. The development of Jaipur as a smart city will not only result in the creation of more job opportunities but will also ensure smart mobility, solid waste management, tourism, and heritage along with sustainable civic infrastructure management. 

The property market of Jaipur is highly progressive due to fast-paced development. If you are planning to earn rental income from flats in Jaipur, investing in Triveni Group’s Golden Leaf can be the best option due to its strategic location on the Main Tonk Road. Proximity to educational institutions and industries make these flats one of the most suitable choices for accommodation as you get a comfortable living supported with all major amenities. Location perks, luxury amenities, and a happening life are all that an individual requires for a comfortable living. Therefore, before investing in a property it is recommended to choose the property carefully after considering all such requirements.